This is one of our favourite parks to visit! We have gone countless times and each time we discover something new. During our recent visit, we saw that they are expanding the park more so we can’t wait to return in the future to discover what’s new.

The park has both a day event and a night event, also known as Xplor Fuego. They both have a number of activities but personally we enjoy going Xplor Fuego as it is a lot cooler in the evening and found the number of people in the park was less which allowed us to do a lot more in a shorter period of time. Plus the price is lower. 🙂  You will find numerous drink stations for Juice throughout the park and they also have a snack bar with both cold and hot drinks available along with an amazing buffet, all of which are included with your admission.

They have a sizable parking lot if you drive, or you can use a hotel shuttle if you’re on vacation, or you could take a collectivo (taxi) to get to the park and you can purchase admission tickets at the park. Once you arrive you will go into the main entrance where you can purchase your entry ticket or if you have come with a group or tour they have lines set for these groups separate from the main walk-in entry. Keep in mind if you come with a tour group you may arrive after the park has opened and will most likely leave prior to closing so you would most likely have more time in the park if you can make your way to it on our own.

When you arrive they will provide you with a safety helmet and locker key. Make sure to keep your helmet on and make note of the number on it (use your phone to take a photo of the number) – this is important to make note of this as you can use this to gather photos when you are departing the park. They have a number of photo opportunities as you travel throughout the park and you can purchase them when you exit so no need to bring a camera if you don’t want to, mind you we had our Go pro, and if you ask they may have a helmet with go pro mount already on it. 

Once you enter the park you go through a maze of underground tunnels and exit to a walkway that will guide you through a gift shop and then on to the locker area. They have a changing area and showers so make sure to bring your bathing suit, towels and water shoes. You may want to bring sunscreen or bug spray as well but please make sure it’s an ecologically friendly product.

Once you start on your adventure you will go through a series of underground caverns and make your way to the ‘heart of the park‘; this is a large red heart in the center of the park with a heartbeat and it is very cool. From this point, you can go out to a number of activities and if by chance you need to meet the heart is a great place to use for a meeting place. 

The zip lines are what we normally do first (while we have the energy to climb the towers). You can fly tandem or solo over the jungle and it will give you a real appreciation for the size of the park, not to mention how much creative planning was put into the creation of it.

Once you’re done with the zip lines you may want to check out the rafts and paddle your way through the underground waterway or you could take on the Stalactite river swim! This is truly amazing and they offer two paths, one short and one long so if not sure take the short and come back to do the long one as they both are very interesting to swim through.

If you are getting a little hungry make sure to stop into the snack bar or sit down for a quick bite at the buffet and return later for a full meal. The buffet has a wide selection of food. They do cut it down somewhat for the night park but day or night the buffet is great.

Once you are ready to go again, head out and try out the amphibious vehicles. FUN! They will take you through the Jungle and they are always changing the routes so even if you go earlier and come back a few hours later they may have changed the route you drive. You’re going to wind your way through the jungle and drive into caverns, uphill, downhill, over a bridge and through flooded roads. It’s a great way to get yet another look at the creativity that went into designing this park.

There are a great number of walking paths and some soaker pools and in case you feel like a nap they even have hammocks set up for resting among the palm trees on beautiful white sand. The staff around the park are very well trained and will be eager to help with any of your questions. If you have never gone or been and planning to return we highly recommend Xplor and we thank all the wonderful staff!

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