Although many come to Mexico to explore cenotes, to visit the archaeological sites or to visit the amazing white sand beaches, an alternative that has been growing in popularity is the wide variety of parks created by Xcaret.

Xavage is one of the newest adventure parks by Xcaret (in the Riviera Maya) and it offers numerous activities such as Kayaks, Rope Course, Zip-Lines, Speed Boat, Rafting, Monster Truck and a splash park!

Once you have put everything away, it’s time to start your adventure. Xavage offers a couple of different packages – you may want to try a few of the activities and relax or you can go for the all-inclusive package which includes all the activities as well the amazing buffet.

Xavage is sure to test your endurance abilities, they offer a number of levels on some of the activities.

Monos/Monkeys is one of the activities where you can choose different levels based on your ability and comfort level. The rope course provides 4 different levels, beginners is at a height of 26 feet, the second level at 46 feet, the third 82 feet and the highest is 118 feet. Each level has both height and difficulty increased to challenge your ability. Each level offers different obstacles, both uneven and unstable surfaces suspended over the park. The course covers a large area of the park providing approximately 260 yards of pure adrenalin challenges. Remember you can start at the lowest level to gain some confidence and work your way to the top. You can also go up and down levels throughout the course. 

Rios Rapidos is another test of your endurance level! It’s also a great team-building event as you will need to work together. Your trusty guide will be there to help motivate and direct you through the course with a number of challenges including several drops as you make your way through the course. The rapids at Xavage are the longest man-made circuit in the world. Designed by Bob Campbell, the creator of the Olympic games circuits in Tokyo and Brazil. This activity is unpredictable with its 2 plus meter drops and white water waves but don’t worry, your guide will ensure you have a safe yet exhilarating experience! 

Dragonfly starts out calm and as you depart the dock make sure to smile for your photo. Once you enter the canals get ready for a ride of your life. These multi-passenger jet boats will definitely get your heart rate going. Your professional driver will take you speeding through narrow canals in custom made jet boats equipped with racing engines that will reach speeds up to 50mph, in case that’s not enough for you hang on as they pull 360 spins. 

Puma is one of a kind for sure, the custom creation of these 4×4 monster trucks are so unique. Once you hop in you will soon realize you’re in for a cool new experience so get strapped in and set off on your adventure of creative road obstacles that test your driving skills throughout a custom circuit. **You need to be 18 years old to drive the monster truck**

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly? Experience the feeling of soaring through the air with the soft flight of the Xavage Zip-line. Let yourself go and open your arms to the breeze!

For those of you with small children or those simply looking to take a family break, this is a fantastic stop to take! 

We hope you enjoy our video below 🙂

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