What has COVID done?

So far?! Well, it sure has f#cked things up, hasn’t it?!


At a time when the world should be united, it seems to have divided and turned on itself. Rule breakers against rule followers, masks against non-masks, neighbours against neighbours, new rules against old rules and essential workers against all odds. 

With so many changes and so many unknowns, it’s easy to see why people have been pushed to their limits. Loss of lives, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of health, loss of family, loss of education, loss of homes, loss of safety & security, loss of milestones, loss of love, loss of possessions, loss of travel, loss of trust and loss of freedoms we have all always taken for granted. Simple walks in the park & sunsets on a beach blanket are forever changed. We are forever changed.

The world has not ended, it has changed. We are so grateful for the frontline workers, the first responders, the essential workers and the workers who keep our stores open so we have access to our basic necessities as well as our extras & indulgences. There are different rules in place now but the world is still running, it’s just running differently. 

We have all been affected by COVID-19, each in our own way. We don’t all know each other’s stories but we do know there isn’t one person who hasn’t been affected and we do know that we aren’t the only ones. These last several months have brought out the hero in countless, the best in some, the patience in few, the humble in many, the judgement in multitude and the ugly in plenty. What strikes us the most is the ones most vocal and angry about what they can’t reach because of COVID are not the ones in need of reaching. 

It’s not over, not by a long shot but we will continue being grateful and humbled.

2020 has (by far) been the shit show of all shit shows, to say the very least and we are all coping the best we can. Let out a smile. Just because people can’t see it behind a mask doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it. We are all in this together but sometimes someone just needs a little extra kindness. It’s so simple, really.

If you or someone you know are struggling due to COVID-19 related issues, please reach out to someone.

The Crisis Service Canada 24/hr helpline is (833)456-4566.
If you live outside of Canada, please contact your local Crisis Services Center.

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