How it Began

A LITTLE ABOUT US  .. Les and I got married in May of 1997.  Les had a daughter from his first marriage (Kayla) and I had 2 children from my first marriage (Brady & Ryleigh).  Kayla was 8, Brady was 5 & Ryleigh was 2 when we got married.  In 2002, along came MacKenzie.  He completed our ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’.


… the heartbeats of my soul …


Me n’ Les


Kayla is out on her own, engaged  to a wonderful guy – hi Warren 🙂 and lives up in the Yukon and is getting married in Aug 2013 (YAY!!!!) and the younger 3 still live at home.  Some think I am crazee because my ex-husband Jim is a great friend, my best friend who is truly part of our family.  Sharing holidays, events, occasions etc…  If he’s not here every day, then he’s here every other day (can sometimes be too much especially if I’m already moody that day – hee hee) 🙂 and … I’m moody at least once per day!


SO A LITTLE ABOUT THE PLAN  ..  I’m not sure how it first came about, but last year Les and I purchased 5 acres in Tulum, Mexico.  What a great vacation idea right?  NOT.  We have decided to move there and will be leaving July 15, 2012.  Prior to making it to Mexico though, each of the kids have picked destinations throughout the US that they would like to see so we will be RV’ing through the States prior to arriving in Mexico.  Are we crazee?  OMG yes! 😉

Here’s some pics of the house we’ve designed …

(We’ll update pics of the progress as soon as construction begins…then we can see how close we are to our designs) 😉

We picked July 15 as our departure date because our youngest daughter graduates in June (so we wanted her to have grad with her class since they’ve been in school together since Kindergarten).  She also turns 18 the first week of July and our oldest son turns 21 the second week of July and since these are ‘big’ birthdays for them we wanted them to be able to spend it with there friends.  The boys (I think) are excited about moving and although she wants to come on the RV trip, Ryleigh isn’t particularly fond of moving to Mexico.  We invited Jim to move with us as well, but that got a big fat no! 😛 I get that change is scary but that’s what life is all about –  perhaps why Ryleigh doesn’t want to come 🙁 –    I hope n’ hope everyday that she changes her mind and although we have to let them leave the nest and spread their wings I’m soooo not ready to do that.  I want them to live at home forever.

Yes, we are crazee – but here we go…..the countdown is on!

We will be embarking on our RV adventure through the US with our final destination being Tulum, Mexico … where we have purchased 5 acres and are currently building our home.

Follow us along our adventure as we sightsee through America (living in the RV) and as we learn to live in Mexico …


uyvs (update ya’ll very soon) ~ xoxo 



4 thoughts on “How it Began

  1. Love the pictures & the scenery – I wish you all the luck and the best for a happy life in Tulum. We love Mexico and have had nothing but great times there and in Tulum.

  2. looks great,please keep us updated and aware of any opportunities that come up.also
    can you give us the exact address in case my Donkey escapes.CHEERS

  3. Hi

    I too have been on a quest for adventure. I do daredevil stunts. Like a daredevil gypsy of sorts I criss cross the country entertaining. I have been down to Costa Rica doing it and really enjoy the International travel. I will look forward to seeing you down the road. Our TV show should be out on Oct 15th on the History Channel.

    Love the website!


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